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Ethics is the essence of prophetic life: KJ Jacob

K.J Jacob speaks at the Thirunabi Seminar as part of Seerathunnabi International Academic Conference. Poet KT Soupy and Yasser Arafat can also be seen.

Randathani: Leading journalist KJ Jacob said that ethics was the very essence of the life and lessons of Prophet Muhammad (S.A). He was speaking at the Thirunabi Seminar held as part of the Siratunnabi International Academic Conference organized by the SSF National Committee at Nusrat Campus, Randathani. Humanity is the foundation of society. What the Prophet upheld was also humanity. Prophetic love is enduring. What the Islamic community needs to make possible is the succession and spread of enduring Prophetic love. It is the life responsibility of Muslims to enlighten Islam. That is when the allegations against Islam will end, he added. Poet KT Soupi and author Yasser Arafat spoke. I.P.B Director M Abdul Majeed was the moderator. Ten books published by IPB were also released during the function. Hajj Committee Chairman C Mohammad Faizi will inaugurate the conference today and SSF National President Noushad Alam Misbahi Odisha will deliver the keynote address. Selected research students and students from various universities across the country will present 44 papers in Arabic, English and Malayalam. Prophetic perspective on Nation, Politics, Pluralism, Citizenship, Immigration, Culture, Language, Country and Economy will be presented in various sessions.